• Babesa, Thimphu, Bhutan


[ Vision ]

To be a vibrant Technology Park and the Centre of Excellence for Information Technology Services.

[ Mission ]

  1. To provide world class services in Information Technology
  2. To attract reputed IT/ITES companies from both within Bhutan and around the world to work in a stimulating environment which provides opportunities for technology based collaboration, learning and innovation.
  3. To promote Research, Innovation, and development in Technologies.
  4. To maximize the efficient utilization of resources and increase return on investment for all stakeholders.

[ Core Values ]

  1. Be ethical and sincere in everything we do.
  2. Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering prompt and professional service.
  3. Build teams of competent professionals by fostering personal development and professional growth.
  4. Continuously innovate and improve our internal processes as well as our services and products through a relentless pursuit of excellence.
  5. Deliver excellent results through a culture of ownership, accountability and responsibility.

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IT Park Project Background

The initial concept document on the World Bank-led Private Sector Development Project of which IT Park is one of the three components date back to 2006. The other two components of the Project are Development of a skills program for promoting the IT/ITES industry, and Strengthening the financial sector through deployment of technology.
The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA) toward the cost of the Private Sector Development (PSD) Project in 2008. As a part of these initiatives, DITT/MoIC/RGoB initiated the development of a 50,000 sq ft world-class IT Park property – Thimphu TechPark – on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, at Babesa, on 5 acres of government land leased for 30 years renewable by two more 30-year terms based on mutual agreement.
The objectives of the project are to increase productive employment in Bhutan through promotion of enterprise development in the IT/ITES sector, enhanced IT skills, and improved access to finance. The construction phase of the IT Park was completed on 30 April 2012. The operations phase of the IT Park began from 7 May 2012.

Company Culture


All TTPL employees shall uphold the following values to build a conducive company culture to achieve the vision and missions of the company:
  • 1. Driven by a shared goal All employees shall understand that we are in the same boat and should be united in achieving our shared goal of taking the company forward together, and not build siloes.
  • 2. Openness, transparency and fairness The management shall always promote a culture of openness, transparency and fairness, and all employees shall help uphold the same.
  • 3. Genuineness and authenticity The management shall promote authentic leadership where hypocrisy has no place. Likewise, all employees shall be genuine and authentic in their dealings with their coworkers and avoid breeding internal politics through gossip or other means.
  • 4. Respect for others All employees shall respect others and not discriminate anyone based on sex, ethnicity, religion etc.
  • 5. 360 degree perspective on issues All employees shall look at an issue from all possible perspectives (360 degrees) and not be driven by selfish motives, preconceived notions and assumptions.
  • 6. Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility All employees shall take full ownership of their assigned roles and be fully accountable and responsible. Likewise, all employees shall treat all company assets like his or her own and take utmost care of them.


Thimphu TechPark (TTP) is the first IT Park in Bhutan promoted by the Ministry of Information & Communications with support from the World Bank and developed by Thimphu TechPark Limited (TTPL) on the DBFOOT (Design, Build, Finance, Own, Operate, Transfer) Public Private Partnership model.
TTPL’s focus, since the start of operations in 2012 till now, has been on two core services: leasing commercial space within the 58,000 sq. ft. building and managing Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre which contains Bhutan’s first incubation centre and a Tier-2 Data Centre. The company did well in meeting the objectives in these two areas and becoming profitable by 2016.
However, from 2019 onwards, in line with the DHI Roadmap, the company has evolved as a major IT services provider in the country, especially in the field of software development. It has started by catering to companies within DHI Group, and now, it has started serving other clients too. The company is focusing on becoming the Centre of Excellence for IT, and will consolidate the DHI Group’s IT services and resources (including the data centers), and replace all legacy systems and applications with up-to-date applications.